Authorization and Settlement Networks:

  • Elavon
  • Paymentech – Tampa
  • TSYS
  • Global
  • EVO
  • First Data

Transaction types:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing (both signature-based and PIN-based)
  • Gift/Loyalty Card Processing
  • ACH Processing
  • Check Verification Services
  • Check Guarantee Services
  • Electronic Check Recovery
  • Fleet Card Processing
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer

Card brands:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express (including American Express Opt Blue)
  • Union Pay
  • All of the Regional Debit Networks
  • Voyager Fleet Card
  • Wright Express Fleet Card
  • Global Fleet MasterCard

Atlantic handles all of these card types for our merchants in a variety of ways.  We can process transactions for our customers in a face-to-face environment, through the mail, over the telephone, or through a web site.

We offer NEXT DAY funding for all card types.  


Virtual Terminals

A Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that allows merchants to accept credit card payments using their internet-connected computer. At Atlantic we have access to a number of different Virtual Terminal Products.  Below is a quick synopsis of some of their capabilities:

  • Complete hosted payment solution that instantly transforms a PC into a payment device.
  • Accepts the full range of payment types.
  • Processes transactions in a face-to-face environment, via mail order/telephone order, or through e-commerce platforms.
  • Easily handles recurring and installment payments.
  • Reduces the risk and compliance headaches by protecting financial data, and ensures that merchants are in compliance with the latest industry security standards and regulations.
  • Level III Data Processing for Business to Business and Business to Government merchants.
  • Electronic Invoicing and Bill Payment.



The fastest growing form of hardware/software devices to run electronic payments is tablets. In the past year the payments industry has “exploded” with tablet development.   At Atlantic we are at the cutting edge of Tablet processing and can process using a wide variety of Tablet options. The two tablet solutions we recommend the most are Talech and NCR Silver.  In addition to Talech and NCR Silver we can also process payments on:


Mobile Devices and Payments

Being able to process thru Mobile Devices makes it convenient for merchants to process payments anywhere and anytime! Mobile Devices include Smart Phones, Tablets, wireless Credit Card Machines, and even laptop computers. If your device has internet access and is not connected by a wire, it is considered Mobile!


Not to be confused with Mobile Devices, Mobile Payment is one of the fastest growing forms of payment today.  Apple Pay is stealing the headlines and grabbing market share as they try to expand the Mobile Payment landscape.  In order to accept an Apple Pay transaction the merchant must have a terminal that is capable of accepting NFC or Near Field Communication.  Atlantic anticipated this need and has been selling and installing NFC-enabled terminals for years.


Point of Sale Solutions

It wasn’t very long ago that POS Solutions to run your business were sold exclusively by Cash Register Dealers and POS Solution Providers.  These systems cost between $10,000 and $25,000 to implement and took days of training and set up. Today’s solutions are much less expensive and even easier to use.  Most are “cloud” based solutions and provide the business owner with many management tools – they do a lot more than just process payments. Atlantic Merchant Services is fortunate to be one of only two merchant card providers that can provide free access to DataCap’s integrated POS Systems. What does that mean for your merchants?  It means free software and support for all POS Systems integrated with DataCap Software. DataCap is the leader in the hospitality industry with more integrations than any other solution.


Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift Card programs once dominated the hospitality and retail sector.  Successful businesses marketed their business with Plastic Cards that carried their store logo and brand identification. It was a great way to advertise their business, increase store traffic, increase sales, and become more profitable. Today the old Gift Card program has morphed into much more. Atlantic has access to some of the best product offerings in this area. Fanfare is our “go to” program because we have found it to be the most complete program on the market today.  Fanfare incorporates a tracking system with every purchase and allows the merchant full control to offer discounts, push out social media marketing, and promote specials on a per-customer basis.


Electronic Check Services

We have access to a wide variety of Electronic Check Service applications. One thing that sets us apart from other merchant providers, though, is that we like to refer as much business back to our partner banks as possible. We will always consult with our bank partner to determine how the bank would like for us to proceed with a merchant who requests electronic check services. Most of the times we implement an Electronic Check Service program for one of our merchants is when they want to integrate credit card payments, check payments, and cash payments into one application. In addition to the basic Electronic Check Services listed below, we have several strategic partners, one of which is iCheckGateway.  




Data security has become a primary consideration for every business that accepts credit and debit cards for the payment of goods and services.  To promote the security of the payment card system, the major card brands established the Payment Card Industry council (PCI) to oversee its Data Security Standards (DSS).


Atlantic’s PCI Compliance Program takes a comprehensive approach to help our merchants securely manage cardholder data and ensure compliance.  Our program is focused on three areas:

  • Education – materials and training to help our merchants understand PCI.
  • Validation – our sales professionals help our merchants validate their PCI proficiency by completing an industry questionnaire and/or performing an external intrusion vulnerability scan.
  • Financial Protection – working with our authorization network partners, we provide reimbursement coverage should a breach occur.


Protection begins the day a merchant begins working with Atlantic and is renewed annually.  



Atlantic leads the industry in providing EMV compliant solutions to all of our merchants.  We are able to do this by meeting face to face with every customer we do business with and by having multiple authorization networks to choose from – only choosing the network that offers an EMV solution for our merchants’ particular payment application.  Having a compliant EMV solution in place protects the merchant from bearing the brunt of liability when fraud does occur. It prepares any size merchant for the next generation of electronic payments, including contactless card payments and mobile wallet solutions.

Referral System Capabilities

Atlantic uses two different referral processes depending upon the Financial Institution’s needs and desires.  We want to put into place the referral system that fits our bank partners’ business philosophy and needs.


What is it about the credit and debit card business?

It’s true: The modern electronic system created to serve those who buy and sell threatens to take too large a share of our economy.

That said, credit and debit cards are a fact of life. Atlantic Merchant Services’ goal is to level the playing field as much as we can. Step one: Explain and manage the rules, making the system as fair and manageable as possible for our customers.

What does this look like in practice?.

We make managing credit and debit cards as affordable, safe and simple as possible. Alas, sometimes simple and easy has a cost. It’s a balancing act. For you, some costs might be a good value, for others, not. (The new toys on top of the iPhone and tablets–and we do offer them–are one example.) Do not believe, however, that complexity is always cheaper. Sometimes it’s difficult and expensive. That doesn’t happen with our clients.

Product and Services

Atlantic offers a complete package of electronic payment services. Atlantic has the ability to choose from multiple authorization and settlement networks. Having this option, which few providers do, gives Atlantic the advantage of always offering the best solution for the merchant’s unique needs. Strategic Alliances with third party providers helps round out a robust line of payment tools.
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