Your merchant customers demand affordable payment processing with all of the latest technology that meets today’s demanding security standards. However, developing and maintaining a program of your own can be time consuming and expensive.
Our Community Bank program is a vital tool to help your bank grow deposits and increase fee income. Atlantic Merchant has an experienced team of professionals who have worked in the community bank market their entire careers. Since we are an employee owned company, our local reps have a vested interest in providing the very best service from the first time they meet with your businesses customer to the most recent transaction they just completed. Our local reps are available for joint business development calls with your bankers and we see every business we do business with face-to-face. The service our local reps provide to our merchants, as well as our bank partners staff is second to none.
We share every revenue stream with your bank and assume 100% of the cost and liability of running the merchant program. Our dedicated team of sales professionals has the latest products and services to serve all of your merchant’s needs. Whether it’s a small sole proprietor or a large corporation we have the technology and know-how to serve every customer of your bank.
If you need to implement a Bank Cash Advance program we can provide that service for you. We handle the registration with the card associations and provide the equipment and training for your branches.

We are the endorsed provider of the Community Bankers’ Bank and serve over 50 banks in the 5th Federal Reserve District. We are also active members in the Virginia Bankers Association, North Carolina Bankers Association and the South Carolina Bankers Association.
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